iPod Case and Pocket Guitar App

11 November

Lego iPod Case and AppWhat can happen when you combine a  $ 0.99 app with the bricks you have lying around? Well, a lot. In this example, the Pocket Guitar App is used to create a customized guitar. There is not much to it. Just design whatever you want as your guitar, leave some space for your TinkerBrick case and iDevice and soon you’ve created your own musical instrument.

The Pocket Guitar App offers a lot. From the settings, you can choose a variety of stringed instruments like an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a muted guitar, even a ukulele. Design your bricks around the type of stringed instrument you’ll be playing most often. If you’re left-handed, don’t worry. The app allows you to change the preference for that too.  The App also has effects like chorus and delay, among others, depending on the instrument you’ve selected. There are some really nice pedal style effects on the electric guitar.  In settings, you can also adjust the fret-board in a variety of ways. If you’re using an instrument like the electric guitar, you’ll be able to select a Tilt Effect which can raise or lower the pitch on your guitar. As a bonus, you can control the sensitivity of this setting.

While this app is not going to replace your Fender or Stratocaster any time soon, for 99 cents and some spare bricks, you can create the cheapest, fully-customized guitar you’ll ever own.

Lego ipod case

Crush it with the Pocket Guitar App

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