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Here you’ll find some great app ideas for your TinkerBrick™ case. Suggest great apps using our Contact Form, twitter, Facebook, or G+.

Lapse It App

22 July

The Lapse It App comes in two flavors, as is usually the case: free and paid. Both will allow you to create pretty amazing time lapse movies using your favorite iDevice (works for Android too). Of course, if you’re doing time lapse photography, you’ll need to create some kind of rig to hold your device […]

Makego App

22 September
TinkerBrick Case

For the younger set, there is a really nice app called Makego. (Available on iTunes) Together with the TinkerBrick case, it allows for all kinds of inventive play, extending the functionality of your building bricks as well as the iPod. From the iTunes description: What is it? Makego turns your iPhone / iPod Touch into […]

Zio App

03 September
TinkerBrick and Zio

Zio is a nice little app ($.99 on iTunes) that produces some great visualizations. It comes with several loaded presets which can be reconfigured to your liking. This app allows you to change many settings, producing  a huge array of visualizations. A really nice feature is the ability to make your visualizations sound-reactive. The quality of […]

Tilting Pictures

03 September

Free Tilt PDF is a great little app that has a lot of potential uses. In the video below, you can see how, by adding images instead of text (the usual kind of PDF file) a lot of interesting interactivity can be added into a creation. You might need to get the image size just right […]

Vector Ball App

01 September
Vector Ball App

Vector Ball by Gyrocade is a cool little app that uses the tilt function of your iOS device  to allow you to control play. You can see a simple  controller with building instructions here. Vector Ball is available on the iTunes Store here. It costs $0.99. There’s also a free version called Vector Ball Lite.    

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