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Here you’ll find some great ideas for your TinkerBrick™ case. Share your ideas with us using our Contact Form, Facebook, Twitter or G+.

TinkerBrick™ Creativity Formula

25 July
Creativity Formula Diagram

TinkerBrick’s cases, besides just looking good, have been designed to bring out the creative genius in everyone. They are designed to connect your favorite building bricks with iOS™, along with all the goodies that are found in your sweet idevice. As always, TinkerBrick™ cases are the only building brick compatible cases which connect in all dimensions: […]

Building Brick LCD Projector

14 April

This project idea shows how you can make an LCD projector using your iDevice, a TinkerBrick™ case, an old magnifying glass and some building bricks. While it doesn’t work as well as one you’d buy from the store, that’s not the point, is it? Have some fun, experiment with light and bring some new life […]

30 Second iPod Mount

31 December
Lego iPod Case Mount

Here’s a real simple way to mount your device for easy attachment and removal, using only two pieces  and some instant glue.   Step 1: Snap a couple bricks into place on the back of your TinkerBrick™ case. 2 x 6 plates work well.   Step 2: Put instant glue on the bottom of the two […]

iDevice Steady-cam Project

07 October
steady cam

In this project, you will see how you can create a steady-cam using your spare bricks, your TinkerBrick™ Case and a counterweight. “What’s a steady-cam?”, you ask. It’s an ingenious device that uses a gimbal, an arm and a counter-weight to steady a camera while the camera operator moves around. Of course, your iDevice has […]

Add Punch with Playlists

03 September

T-Brick’s YouTube channel has an ever-growing set of playlists to help add punch to your creations. From your device, simply go to TB’s YouTube playlists and select the videos you want for your particular builds. Here are some examples in the following categories:     Faces   Eyes   Robots   Fire and Flames 

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