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Lapse It App

22 July

The Lapse It App comes in two flavors, as is usually the case: free and paid. Both will allow you to create pretty amazing time lapse movies using your favorite iDevice (works for Android too). Of course, if you’re doing time lapse photography, you’ll need to create some kind of rig to hold your device […]

Building Brick LCD Projector

14 April

This project idea shows how you can make an LCD projector using your iDevice, a TinkerBrick™ case, an old magnifying glass and some building bricks. While it doesn’t work as well as one you’d buy from the store, that’s not the point, is it? Have some fun, experiment with light and bring some new life […]

30 Second iPod Mount

31 December
Lego iPod Case Mount

Here’s a real simple way to mount your device for easy attachment and removal, using only two pieces  and some instant glue.   Step 1: Snap a couple bricks into place on the back of your TinkerBrick™ case. 2 x 6 plates work well.   Step 2: Put instant glue on the bottom of the two […]

Project S’mores

01 September

This is a simple idea: build your favorite robot, leave room for your TinkerBrick™ case (place it in landscape or portrait mode) then load it with a good campfire video. You can find some good fire videos on TinkerBrick’s YouTube playlist called Fire and Flames.        

Walkie Talkie Idea

01 September

There are lots of Walkie Talkie apps available. Some use Wi-Fi, others use BlueTooth and some use both.  This project used Walkie Talkie which uses both Wi-Fi and BlueTooth. BlueTooth is great for when you cannot get on a protected Wi-Fi network or for when you are not in range of one (like in the woods). The […]

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