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TinkerBrick™ Creativity Formula

25 July
Creativity Formula Diagram

TinkerBrick’s cases, besides just looking good, have been designed to bring out the creative genius in everyone. They are designed to connect your favorite building bricks with iOS™, along with all the goodies that are found in your sweet idevice. As always, TinkerBrick™ cases are the only building brick compatible cases which connect in all dimensions: […]

The Spider

03 September

Here’s an idea for building onto your TinkerBrick case, using it as the body for a spider-like creature. Or is it more of a crab? Use whatever you have lying around to build your spider thing. Shouldn’t be too hard to find parts for legs, pincers, etc.   You can add photos of yourself using […]

Project S’mores

01 September

This is a simple idea: build your favorite robot, leave room for your TinkerBrick™ case (place it in landscape or portrait mode) then load it with a good campfire video. You can find some good fire videos on TinkerBrick’s YouTube playlist called Fire and Flames.        

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